The heat that radiates through your windows can make living, quite uncomfortable. The bright light and glare can make television and computer screens difficult to view. Your air conditioner will attempt to give you relief in scorching heat conditions.

Solar Films applied to the interior of your windows and doors can greatly reduce these effects.

Tweed Byron Window Tinting can supply and fit films that will reduce heat passing through glass by up to 80% and reduce glare by 95%.

All grades of Window Film will reduce UV radiation by up to 99% which will reduce the risk of skin damage.

Solar control films will also greatly reduce the fading effects on furniture and floor coverings.

Solar films come with a Lifetime Guarantee for residential applications.




Glass is a widely used element in houses and offices but if broken can cause personal injury and property damage. 

Safety Films are designed to prevent glass from shattering or to safely contain glass shards in the event of breakage.

Security Films are designed to help resist an unwelcome intrusion. When the glass is broken, as in a robbery situation, the intruder then has to cut through a thick film which will take a considerable amount of time and therefore deterring any further attempts.

Safety and Security films and their installation by Tweed Byron Window Tinting comply with Australian Standards AS/NZ2208 and AS 1288.








Etched, sandblasted or frosted glass can be simulated, at a fraction of the cost, by Decorative Film.

These film can be used in variety of situations in the office or home. The soft translucent effect of these films offer privacy with minimal loss of natural light and is an attractive alternative to blinds and curtains.These films are very durable and require no special maintenance. If required the film can always be removed at a later stage.

Examples of usage would be:- Shower Screens ( hide the soap build-up)

                                                       Bathroom windows

                                                       Entrance sidelights                                                                                      


                                                       Internal Office Partitions








This film will offer protection for glass, metal and other non-porous surfaces. It is a clear film which offers an invisible, non-distorted view while at the same time fools vandals. The film can be cleaned with household cleaning products, whilst a special  mounting glue enables the film to be easily removed and replaced.                                                                                                                                                                          Suggested uses:- Display Cabinets

                                Shop Fronts

                                Road signs

                                Bus shelters

                                ATM ‘s